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She’s Back!
Monday, November 28th, 2011

Yes, I’m talking about Marisela Morales, the sexy, street-smart star of my DIRTY series, is available again!

After retaining the rights from the original publisher, Simon and Schuster (Pocket Books), I have repackaged and re-released the first two Marisela adventures, DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS and DIRTY LITTLE LIES for digital-only release. So if you have a Kindle, a Nook, a Sony ereader, or other digital device (including an iPad or smartphone) you can revisit my favorite former bounty-hunter…or for some of you, meet her for the first time!

And in 2012, I’ll be writing a third, brand-new book for Marisela and will be publishing it myself under my Bookgoddess LLC label. I’ve lined up a proofreader and a cover designer (in fact, the cover should be done soon!) and am talking to a couple of editors. The book will have the same quality as my previous books, even though it will go direct-to-consumer without a publisher. It’s a brave new publishing world we’re living in!

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Lastly…if you have a spare buck on you and would like to read (or re-read) a short, sexy spy-themed romance, my novella DARE ME is still available for sale at various digital outlets.

I’m currently working on two new novellas for release through Harlequin Blaze…more on those soon!