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Two Series Come Together!
Saturday, April 6th, 2013


Back in 2004, I wrote a novella for Penguin books called, “Dare to Desire.” It introduced a world of sexy spies who worked for the Arm, a super-secret division of the CIA and T-45, a rogue organization that did the kind of espionage work that even governments didn’t want to touch. I loved that world and wanted to write more in it, but my career went in another direction…

Until now.

Independent publishing has given me a chance to explore that world again–and to marry it into the DIRTY series, starring my intrepid and kick-ass security specialist, Marisela Morales. The result is my new series: DIRTY DARE.

There will be three installments this year and the first, THE RESCUE, is available now at Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle app. It’s a short story (just under 100 pages) priced at .99. It stars Marisela’s boss, Brynn Blake, and a mysterious former spy named Sean Devlin, who’s been kidnapped and tortured for information he does not have.

Check it out today!



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