Kiss & Tell Series

Kiss & Tell is a brand-new, but revamped series of sexy, contemporary romances with super-sexy heroes and the smart heroines who know enough to get them while they’re hot!

How can they be “brand-new” and “revamped?” Let me explain!

In October, 2016, I learned that Harlequin books, my first publisher, was returning the publishing rights to seven of my earliest books, written nearly twenty years ago. I knew that before I re-published them that they would need updating, not only because of changing technologies, but also because I know my readers have evolved in this time…as have I as a writer. So the books in this series, already edited and published by one of the leaders in romance fiction, got major revisions.

If you read them before, I’m sure you’ll be very excited at the deeper characterizations and expanded storylines. If you are new to the series, I’m certain you’ll find them modern, romantic, emotional, hot and exciting! The books were originally stand-alones (except for the two books set in New Orleans) but now I’ve threaded through a plot where the heroines knew each other as teenagers and are reconnected when one is about to lose her job because of something they did a long time ago.

Whether this is your first time reading these books or not, I hope you’ll enjoy them!

Here are the books in order, along with links to their pages: