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UPDATE 2/13/2017: Despite my best efforts, after a two-year hiatus from writing, I abandoned the manuscript for TALK DIRTY TO ME. The storyline simply did not work. I was forcing it to meet a deadline and reader expectations and it wasn’t coming together. I’ve decided to put it on hold while I concentrate on my new sexy, contemporary series. But I will revisit this book sometime…just not sure when. I apologize to my readers who are disappointed–you can’t be more disappointed than I am.

UPDATE 8/15/2013: New Covers! Marisela’s DIRTY series gets a whole new look in anticipation of the fourth book, TALK DIRTY TO ME, which will be out in 2014!

UPDATE 7/1/2013: Marisela makes a brief, but important appearance in my new serialized series, DIRTY DARE, which stars her boss, Brynn Blake. Once the three novellas are posted, I’ll start work on TALK DIRTY TO ME, which I hope to have finished by the end of the year. Stay tuned and subscribed to my newsletter to the first to know!

UPDATE: I’m excited to announce that after securing the rights from the original publisher, DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS and DIRTY LITTLE LIES have been reformatted for digital release! They are currently available only for your Kindle or through the Kindle app for your smartphone or tablet device. (They might be available again on other platforms in the near future, so subscribe to my newsletter to find out when!)

Also, I have written a new, original work in the series, DIRTY LITTLE CHRISTMAS! It’s a substantial novella (over 40,000 words) and transitions between the first two books and the soon-to-be fourth story, the full-length, TALK DIRTY TO ME, which will be available in 2013!

Phantom Series


UPDATE 2/13/2017: Based on the low sales for the new book when I released it in 2014, I have decided not to write the rest of the Phantom books at this time. If the industry swings back toward paranormal romance, I might revisit this decision. Thank you for understanding.

UPDATE 8/1/2014: PHANTOM PROMISE HAS BEEN RELEASED! Click here for the BUY links. The book is both a prequel and a sequel, so if it has been a while since you read the first Phantom trilogy, you’re okay. Here are a couple of cheats to help you understand how it all works…

The prologue and epilogue take place immediately after the action of the third book in the trilogy, KISS OF THE PHANTOM. Ben Rousseau and Catalina Reyes, the ultra-popular secondary couple of the first trilogy, are helping Ben’s grandfather* get over what happened to Gemma Von Roan, his protege, at the end of that book. They help him by encouraging him to remember his one true love: Jeannette.

The action of the book takes place seventy years ago, when Paschal (who you will remember is actually Paxton Forsyth) was first awakened from the curse. So the actual chapters come long before the first trilogy and you won’t have to know what happened in those to enjoy the sweeping, sexy romance between Paxton and Jeannette.

The book contains a note from me that gives a bit more information. I’m so excited that I’ve finally had the opportunity to return to this series…I hope you are, too!

UPDATE 5/1/2014: The newest book in the Phantom series, titled PHANTOM PROMISE, will no longer be a novella, as previously announced. I decided I liked the story way too much to keep it simple and have developed a more complex storyline, while still focusing on the romance between Paschal and his lady love (and Ben’s mother) Jeannette. It should be released by June 1, 2014!

UPDATE 7/1/2013: The response to the series since I released it as a Boxed Set has been fantastic! I’m currently doing historical research (hint, hint!) so that I can work on a novella that I’ll hopefully release either for Christmas 2013 or Valentine’s Day 2014. Please subscribe to my newsletter or my website to be the first to know!