Dirty Little Stories – Boxed Set

For the first time, the first three books in my Marisela Morales “Dirty” series are collected together!

When Marisela Morales, a disgraced bond enforcement agent and former gang-girl, tracks down her sexy ex, Frankie Vega, the dirty little world she once knew opens up into a universe of sex, lies and lethal weapons. Recruited by Frankie’s new bosses, a security firm that skirts the edge of the law, Marisela is put to the test. Is she really as tough as she thinks she is…or is she tougher?

From the sultry shores of Miami and Puerto Rico to the polished palaces of Boston’s upper crust and then back to the streets where they grew up, Marisela and Frankie take on a series of ruthless rivals intent on using manipulation and murder to take them down. But if there’s one thing this conflicted couple has on their side, it’s the ability to get dirty and live to tell the tale.