KICK ASS: Boxed Set

Collected in one set for the first time!

This is a sampler of my toughest, most powerful heroines from my favorite series.

Included are DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS, the first book in my sexy-suspense series starring former bounty-hunter turned security specialist, Marisela Morales. She’s not sophisticated or book smart, but she can take care of herself and the people she loves. KISS OF THE PHANTOM, the third book in my sexy paranormal series, features Mariah Hunter, a treasure seeker who isn’t averse to danger, as long as there is a big pay off in the end. The last book in the collection is my sexy-suspense novella, DARE ME. Macy Rush is a spy with a mission to save the world. If she happens to have a little fun along the way while her ex-lover makes up for breaking her heart, so much the better.

If you like to read about women who are unapologetic for wanting what they want—and ruthless in their tactics to get it—then these are the books for you!