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The Last of the Legendary Lovers
Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

The final book in the Legendary Lovers series, TOO WICKED TO KEEP, is in stores now! I have to be honest…this book is my favorite of the three. The hero, Danny Burnett, is a rogue and a scoundrel in the vein of Han Solo and Danny Ocean. You never know if he’s telling the truth, but that’s half the fun. And half the danger. Abigail Albertini, a Chicago socialite, has no idea how to separate truth from fiction with Danny–at least, not until after he breaks her heart by not only stealing a valuable painting left to her by her grandmother, but by also seducing her into an affair when she was engaged to marry another man. But Abby learns the hard way. And it’s a lesson she’s not going to forget, even after her husband dies and she is forced to seek Danny out in order to recover the painting he’d previously stolen.

The story is incredibly emotional and the conflict is complicated and fraught with emotion. When I first started writing their story, I wasn’t sure how I could possibly get them back together. But Danny had learned some lessons from his brothers Alex (TOO HOT TO TOUCH) and Michael (TOO WILD TO HOLD)…and he’s about to get seriously schooled by the woman whose heart he shattered. Is there any sexier than the reformation of a scoundrel? I don’t think so!

You can purchase Danny’s book–and any of the others you might have missed–in your favorite brick-and-mortar or online bookstore. The books are also available for your Kindle and your Nook!

And speaking of Kindle and Nooks…if you have one, please check out my first digital-only release: DARE ME. This novella was previously published in a collection with Cherry Adair and Jill Shalvis. After I received the publication rights back, I did a massive rewrite and repackaged it with a new title, a new cover and a new, low price of only 99 cents! Please take a moment to download it…and, if you’re so inclined, leave a review. I’d be very much obliged!

And check back here for big news on November 1st! Though if you poke around the website enough, you’ll find the secret is already revealed…