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A New Book and a “New” Series!
Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Today is the release of the second book in my Kiss & Tell series, BETTING ON THE BODYGUARD!  Brandon Chance is former military and has a very clear vision of what he wants his future to be, even though it was his vision that got him taken off active duty. He returned to his childhood home of New Orleans to start up a security business and his first client is the last woman he wanted to see.  Serena Deveraux was Brandon’s partner-in-crime in school, but before he left her behind for the service, he destroyed her trust.  But now she has a stalker and needs his help.  Or does she just want a reason to see him again?

Brandon and Serena’s relationship is complex and emotional.  He’s serious.  She’s a free-spirit.  When they were younger, their mismatched personalities made for delicious adventures…but now that they’re older and “wiser,” are they destined for disaster?  Check out more information and read an excerpt HERE!

As I hinted in last month’s post, I have a surprise!  Harlequin released the rights to some of my original Blaze books!  While I opted to do serious re-writes to the Temptations and rebrand them “Kiss & Tell,” the Blazes are a different story.  They were written more recently, have the heat level I’m currently writing at and, luckily for me, are mostly connected to my Kiss & Tell books through the characters who appear in them!  (I wrote a post about Easter Eggs on my Facebook page if you’d like to read it!)  These books are being re-released as Kiss & Tell Confessions and the first one is out now for the introductory price of only .99 for a full-length book!  Re-titled PLEASURE, the book was originally released as Double the Pleasure in 2002.

I had a great time revisiting this book, as it has always been one of my favorites.  I loved my hero, Grey Masterson, the “good” twin with a secret predilection for adventurous sex.  He gets burned by a lover and needs a break, so he switches places with his devil-may-care brother, Zane.  While Zane deals with the stress of Grey’s supposedly more “ordered” life, Grey gets a chance to meet Zane’s friend, erotic jewelry designer, Reina Price.  Reina is beautiful and intelligent and sophisticated…and more importantly, sexually adventurous.  Together, they discover the true meaning of the word PLEASURE.

The third book in the Kiss & Tell series, CHASING THE CHARMER, is also available for pre-order!  You can check out the new cover HERE…I always found Nick LaRocca particularly delicious…but now even more!